Smart Girls Book Club

Smart Girls Book Club

Smart Girls Book Club

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Are you smart?

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What We’re Reading Right Now

These American Girl books are helping us navigate life’s twists and turns - especially at school. (They even gave us the inspiration for our book club name!)

Friendship Troubles - this one is great for figuring out how to deal with interpersonal relationships.

Drama, Rumors & Secrets - this one helps us deal with gossip and schoolyard scuttlebutt.

Knowing What to Say - this is great for those times when you can’t just call someone a rude name.

Liking Herself - this one is full of useful info, but it doesn’t make a distinction between being shy or sad and just needing some me-time. It’s OK to want to be by yourself sometimes!

Stand Up for Yourself and Your Friends - helps you deal with bullies and mean people.